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Baseball Still in Limbo. Players “Disappointed “

Baseball remains in a lockout after the latest round of discussions between the MLB players association and team owners.

Jeff Passan of ESPN provided the latest update on Thursday:

Baseball labor update: There is no deal. There never was going to be one today. MLB made a proposal. The reaction among the players was not positive. Few on either side expected it to be. The question is how soon the MLBPA counters. Spring training starting on time is in peril.

There had been proposals from both sides over the past month, but economics remains the biggest question mark in this holdout. One major issue is the lack of competitive balance due to payroll disparity.

Heading into 2022, the New York Mets are projected to have a payroll of $236 million while the Cleveland Guardians rank last with a $29 million payroll, per Spotrac.

While there has been no real discussion of a salary cap, the players want to see a salary floor that forces owners to put more money into their teams.

Spring training is scheduled to begin on Feb. 26, but the latest disagreements could prevent the year from beginning on time. The regular season is currently slated to start on March 31.

The latest update showed the two sides are seemingly still far apart on these issues.

Update by MLB’s Rob Goldberg.

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