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Brecksville-Broadview Heights wins big at Stow 53-39

STOW, Ohio- The Brecksville Broadview Heights Bees marched into Stow and left with a 53-39 victory over the Bulldogs.

The game was a close contest as it featured matchups in Coach Steve Mehalik vs. Coach David Close and Luke Skaljac vs Reese Raymond Smith.

The game remained close throughout the first half with the Bees taking a 22-20 lead into halftime. However, the Bees pulled away in the third quarter as they took a 39-22 lead into the fourth quarter. Stow tried to fight back in the fourth quarter but the game was too far gone. Brecksville closed out the game through the final quarter of action to secure a triumphant 53-39 victory.

After the contest, Bees Head Coach, Steve Mehalik, provided his thoughts about the game. In particular, Coach Mehalik emphasized how well his team worked together on the defensive side of the court.

“That is the best we have played defensively all year,” said Mehalik. “That was a great game of basketball. Stow has been shooting the ball ridiculously all year, especially as of late. Our boys have been locked in all week getting ready for today and today they brought a defensive energy they haven’t had all year.”

In addition to the Bees excellent defense, Miami University commit Luke Skaljac led the Bees with 19 points. Brady Ganley also chipped in 16 points for the Bees.

It was not surprising that Skaljac and Ganley led the way as they have been leading the Bees all season. The Bees duo have played together since second grade and it has translated into success at the high school level. In the post-game interview, Skaljac talked about the chemistry and trust that he and Ganley have developed throughout the years.

“Me and Brady lived in the same neighborhood,” said Skaljac. “He played on my second grade team with me. I mean we’ve known each other for a while now. Brady and I have played with each other all the way up until now and he’s gotten a lot better. Our chemistry is huge and we’ve kept building that more and more every year. Obviously today he played a great game offensively and defensively, you have to give him credit for today. He and I compliment each other in a lot of ways and it allows us to make each other better and give each other better shots and opportunities.”

Obviously, there is a lot of trust between the Bees. In fact, to emphasize their trust in each other, prior to the game during warmups the Bees wore a shirt with a symbol on it that stood for trust. Tonight Brady and Luke showed just that.

Brecksville will next host Hudson on Friday January 19th. Tip off will take place at 7:30 p.m.

Stow heads to Kent Roosevelt on Tuesday, January 16th to take on the Roughriders. Tip off will take place at 7:30 p.m.


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