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Brunswick boys top Medina 77-74 in doubleheader nightcap

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Medina, Ohio - On Friday night right after Medina’s girl’s team beat Brunswick, the Medina boys team faced off against the Brunswick boys. For Brunswick, they were 10-4 entering this matchup while Medina was 13-4.

Winning the tip was Medina and Connor Smith hit a 3-pointer in the corner early on. Medina’s Luke Klanac got a block inside, causing the packed crowd to cheer loudly.

The scoring was plentiful in the first with both sides getting open shots and hitting them. Offensive rebounding was key for Medina, getting a lot of second chance buckets in the opening quarter. The score at the end of the first was 18-16 in favor of Medina.

To start the second quarter, Trey Dexler hit a deep 3-pointer for Brunswick and cut the lead to one. After this, Brunswick made another triple, and took the lead. However, both sides kept taking and giving up leads.

Both sides were playing very fast-paced basketball. However, no team let the other side take a sizable lead, and the score at the end of the first half was 31-30 Brunswick.

To start off the second half, Brunswick got a steal, but was unable to score on their possession. Later on Brunswick’s Tommy Morgan scored an and-one inside and his team took the lead. Drexler also hit an and-one for Brunswick and took a five point lead.

Hunter Smith hit two 3-pointers back-to-back for Medina, and took the lead. The lead kept going back and forth, just like the second quarter. The score at the end of the third was 51 a piece right after Quinn Barnert hit a half-court shot at the buzzer.

To start the fourth, Morgan got a chase down block and then Brunswick immediately scored on the other end. The game was tied halfway through the quarter, looking like the game would end in a close fashion.

With less than a minute left, it was still tied. However Medina was called for a charge and Brunswick got the ball. Brunswick couldn't convert the game went to overtime.

In overtime Brunswick had the momentum scoring five straight points. Brunswick was also up by six with less than two minutes left but Medina hit a 3-pointer cutting it to three.

Klanac tried his luck on a step-back 3-pointer, but was unable to get it to fall. Brunswick was fouled hitting one of two free throws putting them up three. They were able to hang on for a 77-74 win over Medina.

Tommy Morgan had a stellar game for the Blue Devils dropping in 32 points. Brock Beech ended up with 19 points to lead Medina.

I talked with Brunswick coach Joe Mackey after the win.

This recap is brought to you by Brunswick Auto Mart


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