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Brunswick tops Highland 76-32 for 5th straight win

Brunswick, Ohio - On Wednesday night the Highland Hornets came to Brunswick to face off against the Blue Devils. Brunswick was 4-1 on a four game winning streak coming into the game. As for Highland they were also on a four game winning streak and 5-1 entering the game.

Winning the tip was Brunswick and Troy Dexler immediately hit a triple from outside to get the first points. After that Tommy Morgan dunked the ball in transition. After a Morgan block, Drexler laid it in to go on a 9-0 run.

The crowd chanted Morgan’s name after he blocked yet another shot inside. Morgan also hit a 3-pointer later, getting the student section riled up. Brunswick had the lead 27-10 after one.

To start the second quarter Drexler hit another 3-pointer from outside. At this point, Brunswick was up by nineteen points about halfway through the second quarter.

Brunswick kept hitting shots from outside very consistently. They made three straight late in the second. Morgan hit a fadeaway jumper before the end of the half. much. Brunswick was up 55-19 at the half.

To start the third quarter Brunswick’s Maxx Dickinson got an and-one, but missed his free throw. Morgan got another dunk in transition, this one a one hander. Drexler later made a 3-pointer after the defense collapsed inside.

Evangelos Verginis hit a nice reverse layup for Highland, one of the few bright spots for his team. Cald Som hit an and-one for Brunswick and the score was 66-27 at the end of the third.

To start the final period Drew Dodds hit another 3-pointer for Brunswick, a common theme in this game. Nate Zimmerman dove for the ball, and was able to get a tip-in on the same possession for Brunswick. Highland had no answer for the Blue Devils all night as Brunswick ran away with the win 76-32.

Morgan led the way with 17 points while Drexler had 16.

I had a chance to talk with Tommy Morgan after the game.

This game recap is brought to you my Brunswick Auto Mart


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