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Chaminade Julienne fly by Garfield Heights in an electrifying 59-51 victory

Columbus, OH - Chaminade Julienne took on Garfield Heights in the second game of the annual Ohio Play By Play Classic at Nationwide Arena in Columbus.

Both teams got off to a slow star scoring no points in the first minute and a half, but Chaminade was able to put up one point from a free throw which kicked off their offense.

Players like guard George Washington and forward Devin Rakestraw put up a combined 14 points keeping the momentum on their side as they put up 17 points in the first quarter alone.

Garfield Heights offense did not have an answer for Chaminade's defense, as they were only able to put up eight points in the first and trailed 17-8 after one.

Two minutes into the second quarter, no points were on the board, but Tommie Benn, for Garfield, was able to make a three point play off of a and one, which got their offense cooking, as they were able to put up 14 points in this quarter.

George Washington got to work again, putting up seven points for Garfield, and taking charge, as they went into halftime up 30-22.

Coming into the second half, Garfield Heights was looking to catch up to Chaminade Julienne, and they started out hot with a three pointer from guard Tommie Benn who then made two free throws in a row.

Garfield Heights' offense was rolling to start the third quarter, but things started to slow down as the momentum shifted back to Chaminade Julienne.

Chaminade Julienne's offense was off to a slow start, but quickly got back into the swing of things with Jackson Washington having back to back three pointers and getting the fans hyped up on a fast break score.

Both teams were able to put up 14 points and Chaminade maintained their 8 point lead at 44-36 after three.

Garfield Heights needed to play catch up in the fourth quarter but was racking up shooting fouls allowing Chaminade players Makai Grant and Rakestraw to get a free four points for their team.

However Garfield Heights was coming back led by Jyles Brandon and Tommie Benn, the momentum this quarter was completely in their favor as they made a huge comeback bringing to a two point game.

Unfortunately for Garfield things got a little heated at the bench as head coach Sonny Johnson got a technical foul giving Chaminade a four point lead off of Washington's two free throw's.

Garfield wasn't able to score again as Chaminade Julienne hung on to beat Garfield Heights 59-51.

The player of the game for Garfield Heights was Marcus Johnson scoring 24 points.

The player of the game for Chaminade Julienne was George Washington scoring 20 points.

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