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Cleveland Heights run game leads to a 14-13 overtime victory in exciting fashion over Mentor

Cleveland Heights, Ohio -- A sunny fall evening in Cleveland Heights was the scene as the 2-2 Mentor Cardinals traveled to compete against the 3-1 Cleveland Heights Tigers.

The Tigers would get the best of the matchup winning 14-13.

The Tigers started out with a string of first downs behind Marquise Davis and Amaar Lakes runs before eventually slowing down as mentor forced a turnover on downs.

Mentor’s offense got Evan Calderwood going with receptions early as they would also have an empty opening drive.

Before the quarter would end the Cleveland Heights defense got it going with their takeaways.

The first being an interception from Emere Atkins. The Tiger offense took advantage by taking a 6-0 lead with a 34 yard QB keeper from Amaar Lakes.

When asked about the success of the QB keepers Lakes said, "Everybody thinks he's (Davis) about to get the ball... when everybody bites that's my chance to pull it."

They closed the quarter with another interception from Josiah Jones.

The 2nd would open with an empty drive from the Tigers which led to Mentor’s offense getting going a bit.

A big reception from Austin Van Huss and a first down run for Marty Johnson would set Mentor up for field goal range. The Cardinals would capitalize with a field goal making it 6-3 with 7 to go in the half.

The rest of the quarter saw a series of empty drives from both offenses as Cleveland Heights ended the half up 6-3.

Mentor would open up the second half with a pair of first downs from Evan Calderwood and Marty Johnson. The drive would eventually end empty handed as the Tigers forced a turnover on downs.

After a few more empty possessions Mentor finally would find themselves in the red zone, only to be picked off by Henry Perrymound around the four minute mark.

Mentor answered right back as they forced a 3 and out and recovered a blocked punt to end the 3rd trailing 6-3.

Mentor started off the fourth by kicking a field goal thanks to their great field position due to the blocked punt recovery, and the game was tied up at 6-6.

The Tigers would go on to establish the run game with Lakes, Mekhi Webb and Davis before suffering a turnover on downs.

Mentor then would establish Justin Hodge and Grant Cerny through the air with two big first down receptions. They then too would suffer a turnover on downs.

The fourth would end with a defensive battle as neither team could get going and close the game out.

Mentor came out in overtime and scored on the first play with a 20 yard Justin Hodge touchdown. The PAT would give them a seven point lead.

After a few short runs for the Tigers Davis would keep the game alive with a much needed first down carry. John Gordon Jr. would then score with a 5 yard touchdown run of his own.

Emere Atkins’ walk off two point conversion catch would cap off the 14-13 win in very exciting fashion.

When asked about the two point conversion Cleveland Heights Head Football Coach Mac Stephens said, "I'm gonna put my money on my guys every time, and there was no reason not to tonight."

The Tigers will be back in action September 22nd at home at 7 PM. Another GCC matchup awaits them as they'll take on Strongsville High.


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