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Deshaun Watson winning early off the field with bonding trip

Togetherness, being on the same page was a major issue last season for the Browns. Heading into the 2022 season, it feels like a point of emphasis for the team as Deshaun Watson is treating 27-30 players to a trip to the Bahamas, maybe more if some others can gather what’s needed to get a passport in time!

The boys will be participating in on field work each day as the offensive guys, including lineman and skill players, continue to get to know each other!

In an interview during voluntary minicamp, Denzel Ward mentioned that Watson and Myles Garrett had some team-bonding trips planned for the offense and defense. Although Watson is dealing with his off the field situation, he’s not letting it stop him from growing with his team, which is huge as the NFL season will here sooner than later.

Players will board a private jet and be off to enjoy the weather, food and of course, football!

Almost immediately after acquiring Deshaun Watson, Kevin Stefanski said Watson is racking up brownie points with teammates and is all about Cleveland Browns football, and this proves it even more.

Deshaun Watson has made his presence felt and his teammates are fully embracing his leadership!

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