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Fitch holds off Walsh 43-41 in a tightly contested battle for game 3 of the Hudson Holiday Classic

Hudson, Ohio - The third game of the Hudson Holiday Classic on Thursday featured Austintown-Fitch vs Walsh Jesuit. Fitch was 4-3 coming into the game while Walsh Jesuit came in at 6-1.

Winning the tip was Fitch, but they turned the ball over early. Tyler Bell was the first player to score a basket, a layup for Walsh Jesuit. Bell later got a pass to the corner and was able to hit a triple.

Carter Owens also hit a triple in the corner, tying the game up for Fitch. The score was 12-9 in favor of Fitch at the end of the first quarter.

To start the second quarter, Walsh Jesuit turned the ball over right away. Alex Hill got a nice midrange jumper to fall for Fitch, getting the first points of the new period.

Gianni Maley ran in transition and got an easy layup to fall after no one was near him. Barely any scoring happened in this period. In the first six minutes Fitch had scored two and Walsh Jesuit was scoreless. Fitch led 21-12 after a low scoring first half. Carter Owens led the way with 8 points.

To start the second half Keith Rivers scored a basket inside. Kendall Ziegler made a 3-pointer also for Walsh. Then Sean Spicer made an and-one but missed his free throw.

Walsh Jesuit tied the game up at 21 after Max Matta hit a layup inside. The scoring kept going back and forth as no team really got a substantial lead in the third. Walsh took the lead 27-25 after three.

To start the fourth quarter Alex Hill scored a layup inside for the Falcons tying the game up. Spicer later hit a 3-pointer to regain the lead for Walsh. Owens also hit his own 3-pointer cutting the lead to two.

Marcel Finkley hit two layups in a row to get the lead for Fitch, but Ruel Tomilson took that lead back with a layup himself. Zach Halligan hit two free throws to tie it all up at 36 a piece. Overtime basketball here in Hudson.

In overtime, Fitch quickly came out on a 6-0 run. Then Spicer hit another triple and Matta scored a layup to cut the lead to one. However, Spicer fouled out soon after, and Fitch got the lead and didn’t relinquish it. Fitch came out on top 43-41. Carter Owens had 11 points leading the way for the Falcons.

I caught up with Fitch Falcons head coach Brian Beany after the game.

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