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How I view Collin Sexton's future in the CLE

The further we get into the season the more the Cavs continue to impress and continue to exceed expectations. As we cheer and smile ear to ear some people are forgetting that we lost a piece of the core in Collin Sexton. Is he still apart of the core anymore though? I continue to have a "shrug the shoulders" moment in my mind as I watch the games. Since Colin exited the Cavs lineup with a season ending knee injury everything has seemed to fall into place as crazy as that sounds! Darius Garland has proven he’s capable of being in the driver seat!

Collin Sexton has stated his desire to stay in Cleveland long term and he wants a max contract from the Cavs. To me he isn’t with the max anymore by no fault of his own because of the emergence of Garland and now the acquisition of Caris Levert who will need a new contract in the near future. Coming off of a season ending knee injury do you want to pay him max money when you can pay a star in the making Darius Garland?

The perfect situation to me is a 6th man role next season for Sexton. A Lou Williams type of role for Collin, as he looks to score first anyways and can get his shot whenever he wants. With the unselfishness of this Cavs roster that would be even easier for him. You can never have too much instant offense off the bench! If I was the Cavs I’d see where Collin sees himself with this team moving forward and if he’d take less than he originally wanted. Does he want to put the team first and continue to be apart of Cleveland’s promising future but just in a different role? Winning is what maters right? He wants to be in Cleveland long term right? He can get both by taking a little less and moving into a new role. Having Sexton come off the bench with Levert in the starting lineup just makes this team that more explosive offensively! Time will tell how this will all play out.

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