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Josiah Gonzalez and Chaney top Mayfield 67-53 in game 2 of the Hudson Holiday Classic

Hudson, Ohio - The second game of the Hudson Holiday Classic on Thursday afternoon was the Mayfield Wildcats going up against the Chaney Cowboys. Mayfield was 8-2 going into this game while Chaney came in at 3-3.

Winning the tip was Mayfield but Perry Atkins air balled his jumper. Jason Hewlett scored the first two baskets for Chaney, a layup and a put back layup.

Chaney made a triple after this, but Mayfield made their own 3-pointer to counter right back. The score at the end of the first quarter was 20-13 in favor of Chaney.

To start the second period, Chaney’s offense kept rolling. They had a double digit lead a bit into the second quarter. Chaney got a technical foul, and Kyle Irwin hit both free throws for Mayfield. Chaney took a 40-32 lead into the half.

To start the next period, Irwin got a nice hook shot to fall inside the paint. Mayfield was really getting a groove inside the paint, as it seemed like every shot they took was around the rim. The score at the end of the third was 52-48, Chaney.

To start the final quarter, Chaney went on a solid run increasing their lead to double digits. The Cowboys kept their interior scoring up, as they kept feeding the post to get their points. They handed Mayfield their 3rd loss of the season 67-53. Josiah Gonzalez from Chaney won the MVP of the game leading his team to the win.

I talked with Chaney head coach Marlon McGaughy about the win after the game.

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