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Las Vegas and Portland win PBA Elite League Matches in Akron on Saturday Afternoon

Alan Kornspan

Believeland Media

(Alan Kornspan/Believeland Media)

On Saturday afternoon, bowling fans at Riviera Lanes in Fairlawn, Ohio were treated to a fun way to cheer on their favorite professional bowlers.

Instead of the traditional TV show format in which there is a step ladder final to determine an individual champion, PBA Bowlers bowled in a team format on Saturday afternoon at Riveria Lanes.

(Alan Kornspan/Believeland Media)

The PBA Elite League, which began in January, is bowled in a Baker format in which each bowler on the team bowls two frames of the game.

In Saturday's first match, the Akron Atom Splitters took on the Las Vegas High Rollers.

In the first game of the match, the Atom Splitters defeated the High Rollers by one pin, 180-179.

The High Rollers then came back in the second game to defeat Akron, 217-196.

Because of the 1-1 tie, there was a three ball playoff. The High Rollers won the playoff to win the match and defeat the Akron Atom Splitters.

(Alan Kornspan/Believeland Media)

In the second match on Saturday afternoon at Riviera, the Portland Lumberjacks defeated the Los Angeles Express in a playoff.

On Sunday, the traditional step ladder finals will take place to determine who will be the champion of the 2024 PBA Tournament of Champions.

(Alan Kornspan/Believeland Media)



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