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Lutheran West walks it off over Ottawa-Glandorf on Levis three 65-62

Akron, OH- To start off the first game of the St. Vincent St. Mary East vs West Classic Men’s games, we had Lutheran West facing off against Ottawa-Glandorf. Both teams were undefeated with the Longorns at 5-0 and the Titans at 3-0.

Ottawa-Glandorf won the tip but Junior Kamboma stole the ball giving Lutheran West the possession. Jayson Levis had a mean step-back middy to give Lutheran West a 2-0 lead. Matthew Meyer gets a nice lead into the lane and scores, while getting fouled. Meyer later gets his defender in the air on a pump fake and gets the layup to fall.

Derek Fairley also gets his own and-one to fall, and nails his free throw. Levis hits a pullup triple to fall giving Lutheran West a six point lead. Ottawa-Glandorf hits a 3-pointer and gets the lead with the quarter almost over. Dylan Bartchak takes the lead right back for the Longhorns with a layup. However, Ottawa-Glandorf hits another 3-pointer to give themselves the lead with time expiring in the first quarter 18-16.

Bartchak gets the first shot down with Lutheran West to start quarter two on a 3-pointer. Ottawa-Glandorf later gets the ball back after an offensive foul on Lutheran West, but fails to score on their possession. Fairley hit an amazing shot, a one legged shot around the free throw line. Ottawa-Glandorf got an amazing steal, and Theo Magg got a nice two-handed dunk on the other side after a nice run in transition. At the end of the first half, the score was 32-30 in favor of Ottawa-Glandorf.

To start the third quarter, Lutheran West turned the ball over, and Hunter Stechschulte scored an easy layup. Jayson Levis was able to get off a screen, and score a 3-pointer giving Lutheran West their first points of the half. Stechlschulte hit another shot, and this one was a 3-pointer. In transition, Clayton Noble was able to sink a 3-pointer in the right corner. Levis was able to steal the ball in a full-court press, and got an easy layup afterwards. Kambomba went up for a dunk, but that was blocked by the Titan defense getting a nice reaction from the crowd.

Noble had a wide open layup, but failed to convert on his attempt. A really close game up to this point, as the margin was around a few points or less. An illegal screen was called on Ottawa-Glandorf wiping out a 3-point make. At the end of the third quarter the score was 48-46 with Lutheran West in the lead.

At the start of the 4th, Colin White got a two-handed dunk making the game tied at 48 a piece, and then Lutheran West was called for an offensive foul right after. Fairley hits an and-one to fall and hits his free throw afterwards again. Caden Eford responded to this by hitting a 3-pointer in the left corner. Magg gets a block on Matthew Meyer, but Ottawa-Glandorf turns the ball over after that. Levis dropped his defender on a nice dribble move and hit a 3-pointer while his defender was still on the floor.

White basically got a full-court pass from an inbound, and scored on a nice layup to give Ottawa-Glandorf a five point lead. Bartchak hit a triple, but Erford made his own 3-pointer in the left corner. At this time Ottawa-Glandorf was up by three. Fairley hit a side-step 3-pointer for the Titans to tie the game up at 62 a piece with a minute left. After a crucial turnover by the Longhorns, Ottawa-Glandorf misses a layup and Matthew Meyer gets a rebound. Timeout was called. Lutheran West moved the ball quickly down the floor where Jayson Levis hit a long three to win the game for the Longhorns 65-62. Thrilling start to the East vs West Classic with two more games to go!

I chatted with Lutheran West coach Jordan Duke about the exciting win.

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