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Lutheran West wins big on the road at Brooklyn 85-59

Brooklyn, Ohio - On a cool Wednesday night Brooklyn High School and Lutheran West went up against each other for some Northeast Ohio boys basketball action. For Brooklyn they had a 2-1 record coming into the game. As for Lutheran West were looking to keep their 3-0 undefeated streak to start the season alive.

The home crowd was almost deafening, as every time Lutheran West had the ball or was taking a free throw, they were practically all screaming in the student section.

Winning the tip was Lutheran West, and their first possession led to a nice floater by Derek Fairley. Anthony Pytel hit a triple for Brooklyn, as Randall Fields hit him with an amazing pass. Jayson Levis got his defender in the air with a nice euro step, and then later got the ball in transition to lay the ball up easily. Levis later also hit his man Clay Noble in transition in the paint giving Lutheran West a 6-0 run.

The scoring went on a drought for both sides for a bit, as not a lot of points were produced for a couple of minutes. Joshua Meyer hits a nice put back for the Longhorns. However, Randall Fields answered back with a 3-pointer for Brooklyn as the 1st quarter clock expired. Lutheran West had a 15-13 lead.

To start the 2nd quarter, the Longhorns start their possession by having Fairley hit a 3-pointer on the left wing. Shamari Richard also helps Lutheran West, hitting an and-one and converting the free throw. Jaiden Ramos hit a reverse layup and then hit a triple on the next possession. Fairley then hit a triple after a nice screen was set for him by Matthew Meyer, giving Lutheran West a 30-18 lead.

Fairley got a great looking reverse layup, even after two Brooklyn players contested his shot. Finally, Jaiden Basinger hit a 3-pointer in the right corner to try and revive the offense. Fields hits his first 3-pointer. He was relatively cold from the field before this. Dylan Bartchak hits a 3-pointer significantly behind the 3-point line, giving Lutheran West a 14 point lead. At the end of the first half the score is 38-24 in favor of Lutheran West. Fairley led the way for Lutheran West with 10 points.

To start off the 3rd quarter, Levis hits an and-one layup and also converts the free throw. Brooklyn’s first possession ended in a terrible pass out of bounds. Meyer hits another and-one for Lutheran West also converting his free throw giving the Longhorns a 47-27 lead.

Joshua Meyer blocked a layup which caused a loud cheer from the visiting crowd. Levis hits his second and-one of the quarter after a transition layup and again hits the free throw. Basinger later hits a triple on the left wing from a few feet outside the 3-point line, having a solid game himself. At the end of the 3rd Lutheran West led 60-44.

To start the final quarter Levis gets a put-back layup to fall keeping the Longhorn’s momentum going. Fields’ shot was ice cold, as he missed multiple shots this quarter. Levis hit a sick no-look pass in the lane to Matthew Meyer who converted the layup. The final buzzer sounded with Lutheran West on top 85-59. Matthew Meyer led the way with 17 points while Jayson Levis chipped in with 16.

I caught up with the Longhorns Matthew Meyer postgame.

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