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Ohio State Cancels the Rocket Launch

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Player of the Game:

C.J. Stroud: 22/27, 367 yards, 5 TDs, 2 carries, 9 yards

Final Score: OSU 77-21 Toledo

For the first time this season it was the offense that led Ohio State to victory as their defense had their first letdown as they faced a dynamic quarterback in Dequan Finn who totaled 227 yards and three touchdowns. Despite allowing multiple scores the Buckeyes defense did pick up their first interception on the season.

The offense picked up over seven hundred yards of offense with C.J. Stroud being partially responsible for over 375 yards of that on the night. The offense played so well they were given the night off early as the Buckeyes would send in the second unit in the third quarter and the second unit would go on to continue the great night setup by the first team.

Ohio State also covered the spread for the first time this season despite allowing more points to Toledo than any other opponent. Much as seen against Arkansas State a week ago, chunk plays beat Ohio State's defense. The Rockets had two of their touchdowns on forty- and fifty-yard plays.

The Buckeyes jumped out of the gate early on putting up a three-touchdown lead in the first quarter 28-7. The Buckeyes refused to let up as they tried to make this week a statement win. They would finish with over seventy points and made their offensive presence known for the first time this season.

Stroud finished with as many incompletions as he did touchdowns on the night with five. Kyle McCord continued to deliver to this fantastic wide receiver core as he completed 5/7 passes for 115 yards and a touchdown. The ground game really took off in the fourth quarter as they Buckeyes were trying to drain the clock. Dallan Hayden and True Freshman T.C. Caffey each had forty plus yard runs for touchdowns and split 160 yards on the ground.


C.J. Stroud: 22/27 - 367 yds - 5 TD

Dallan Hayden: 17 - 108 yds - 1 TD

Miyan Williams: 10 - 77 - 1 TD

Emeka Egbuka: 7 - 116 yds - 1 TD

Jayden Ballard: 4 - 113 - 1 TD

Marvin Harrison Jr.: 6 - 102 - 2 TD

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