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Olentangy Orange soars by Cleveland Heights in a thrilling 59-50 victory

Columbus, OH - Olentangy Orange took on Cleveland Heights at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus in game one of the Ohio Play By Play Classic.

Orange won the tip off, and got off to a quick start as guard Elias Lewis scored the first four points of the game and was on fire for the entire first quarter.

However he wasn't just scoring points as Lewis was able to pick up 3 rebounds this quarter, and put up another two points helping his team put up 10 points in the first.

Heights wasn't going to sit back and let Orange control the game and it showed as Braylyn Irby controlled the flow of how his team played, putting up his own 6 points by calling plays and helping his team rally into the lead 12-10 after one.

Orange was looking like a new team offensively coming into the second quarter as Lewis and guard Levi Davis were able to hit back-to-back three point shots putting up 17 in the second quarter alone.

Heights didn't want the momentum to be completely on the other side, so Irby on a breakaway, slammed the ball picking the momentum back up for his team.

Cleveland was able to pick up some slack and put up 18 points this quarter, but their defense was not putting on the best show in the first half.

Olentangy was able to put on an electrifying showcase to start the second half putting up 22 points in the third alone.

Players like Lewis and guard Devin Brown were able to put up a combined 14 points and everyone else was able to feed off of this momentum extending the Orange lead to 49-41.

Defensively the fourth quarter was great for Olentangy as they were gonna try to hold onto their lead with everything they had while maintaining their offense.

Heights was playing catch up this quarter, but were only able to put up nine points due to Olentangy's defense not allowing them to come back.

Olentangy was able to pull through while only putting up 10 in the fourth, winning 59-50.

The player of the game for Olentangy was Elias Lewis, putting up a whopping 23 points and grabbed 5 rebounds as the play caller for the offense. Well deserved for him.

The player of the game for Cleveland Heights was Shamarion Hardy who put up 14 points of his own while dishing the ball out and looking too make the best of every opportunity. Well deserved for him as well.

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