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Part 3 for The King?

LeBron is having fun with NBA All Star Weekend being in Cleveland. He drafted Darius Garland to Team LeBron and called him untouchable adding that he needs some muscle for when he comes back to Cleveland for All-Star weekend. He also posted on Instagram (@KingJames) saying, “The Hometown Kid is BACKKKKKKK….Ya Heard,” while wearing Cavs wine and gold colors!!!

During media availability after practice before the NBA All Star Game on Sunday James was asked about a potential return and his response was “the door isn’t closed on that.” I find that VERY true from the outside looking in. The biggest reason is the core pieces we currently have on the roster in Darius Garland, Even Mobley, Isaac Okoro and the big fella Jarrett Allen just to name a few. This would be the best young core of pieces Lebron has ever played with. A potential return not be happening for another two seasons allows them to grow physically and mentally and the chemistry within the team is going to be even more seasoned! If The King returns the ceiling on this team will be blown off because we know what LeBron does on the court nightly even though he’ll be older!

Lebron does not become a free agent until after the 2022/23 season so the soonest he could re-sign with Cleveland is 2023. He is also on the record as saying that he wants to play with his son Bronny for one year before he retires no matter what team drafts him. The soonest the younger James can enter the league is 2024. That would give Lebron a one-year window during the 2023/24 season to come back and play one final year in Cleveland. It still remains a long shot but the door remains cracked open.

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