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Richmond Heights punches their ticket to Dayton with an 81-48 win over Dalton

Canton, OH - On Friday night the Dalton Bulldogs took on the Richmond Heights Spartans in a Division 4 Regional championship game.

To start the first quarter, things were looking good for the Bulldogs as they were able to get off to a five to nothing start, but their hot streak ended. The Spartans took control and the Bulldogs were only able to up up seven more points and couldn't stop the Spartan offense.

The Spartans had an outstanding quarter, both playing great defense while also putting up 24 points in the process. Jermey Wilson was able to score 10 points giving his team a 12 point lead ending the first at 24-12.

In the second quarter things were looking the same for the Bulldogs as they weren't able to do much on offense for most of the quarter. They were luckily able to catch fire near the end, as they added another 11 points to their score, Braylon Wenger scored five, and the team looked good, but they still weren't able to do much on defense.

For the Spartans, things looked great, as they were able to score 13 points in the second, while only allowing the Bulldogs to score 11. That helped them take a commanding 37-23 lead going into halftime.

In the third quarter it was the same story for the Bulldogs, as they were only able to put up eight points in the quarter. They couldn't stop the juggernaut that is Richmond Heights offense.

The Spartans had another phenomenal quarter putting up 21 points, nine of which came from Demarris Winters Jr. while also playing outstanding defense against the Bulldogs. They went into the final quarter with a big lead at 58-31.

The fourth quarter seemed more like a victory lap for the Spartans than it did an actual quarter of a basketball, as they were still doing whatever they wanted on offense. They weren't playing as aggressive on defense with the big lead. The Spartans scored 23 points in the quarter taking their total to 81.

In the final quarter, the Bulldogs played great on offense, mainly because of the lack of defense the Spartans were playing. Nevertheless they were able to score 17 points in the final as they were at least able to take their total to 48 before falling to Richmond Heights 81-48.

The MVP of the game was Jermey Wilson who scored 21 points for Richmond Heights.


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