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Tallmadge holds off Ellet in a 56-43 in a tightly contested Victory

Tallmadge, OH- The Tallmadge Blue Devils hosted the Ellet Orangemen looking to have a successful basketball season coming off of their best football season ever.

To start the game off Tallmadge won the tip, but right away Ellet got to work instead, with a steal and guard Chase Merring draining a 3-pointer putting Ellet up 3-0.

The Blue Devils instantly took over and caught fire, as they put up 13 unanswered points, but Ellet was able to make a free throw, trying to kick away at Tallmadge's lead.

To end the 1st quarter Ellet guard Trevor Ingham knocked down a half-court buzzer beater to make the game a more manageable 13-7 going into the 2nd quarter.

In the 2nd quarter the Blue Devils kept their same rhythm putting up 12 points.

Luckily for the Orangemen they were able to get into a nice groove, putting up 19 points and taking the lead over Tallmadge, going into halftime at 26-25.

Starting the 3rd quarter, the Blue Devils played great defense only allowing Ellet to score 6 points, while they were able to put up another 12 points regaining the lead 37-32.

With the game being so tightly contested it was looking like it might turn into an overtime game, but the 4th quarter is where Tallmadge found their offensive groove.

The Blue Devils were practically scoring at will, as they were able to put up 19 points in the 4th quarter and not letting Ellet chip away at their lead.

Ellet was also able to put up more points in the fourth quarter by putting up 11, but that wasn't enough for the Orangemen and as the clock struck 0:00 with the final score was 56-43 in favor of Tallmadge.

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