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The Browns Real Path to Playoffs

As we bid farewell to 2021, we we take a look ahead at all the scenarios that our Cleveland Browns have to get into this year’s playoffs.

As we are all very much aware, nothing can happen without the Browns winning both remaining games, vs the Steelers this coming Monday night, and the season finale on January 9th at home as they host the Cincinnati Bengals. They cannot lose either of those games and have any chance at all.

But what happens this week IF the Bengals beat the Chiefs and everything else falls into place?

First, the Bengals will be division champions and thus the Browns only chance is to secure that final wild card spot, and to do that the following scenarios will have to happen.

The Ravens would have to lose one of their two remaining games, vs the Rams or Steelers, the Denver Broncos must win their last two vs Chargers and Chiefs, the Dolphins must lose to both the Titans and Patriots, and the Chargers must beat the Raiders in Week 18.

Confused yet? Well there’s more!

If Browns win out and Chiefs do beat Bengals this week and Baltimore does not lose either of their last two games, the Browns can still get in by way of the Broncos winning their last two, the Dolphins losing their last two and the Chargers win over Raiders in Week 18.

Whew!!!! Simply put, this weekend’s game between the Chiefs and Bengals stirs this whole drink. It is the easiest path to the post season, on Monday when the Browns take the field they could possibly have it all in their hands.

Despite a roller coaster season marred by injuries and a Covid-19 outbreak, the Browns enter this weekend with that chance to win their first division title since 1989. Nick Chubb figures to get the ball early and often against a battered Pittsburgh defensive front. With only 16 carries in their last meeting in October, expect Chubb to have a heavier workload as the team fights for their playoff lives.

The Browns are as healthy as they have been all season. This is the time to ramp it up, there is no tomorrow. None of these scenarios mean anything if they don’t win these games.

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