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The Chippewa Lady Chipps outlast the Laurel Gators after an electrifying fourth quarter 54-50

Cuyahoga Falls, OH - On Saturday afternoon, the Doylestown Chippewa Lady Chipps took on the Shaker Heights Laurel Gators in the Division 3 Regional Championship at Cuyahoga Falls.

Right out of the gates the Lady Chipps came out hot, as Jaclyn Jundzilo was able to hit back-to-back three pointers which helped set the momentum for her team. They were able to score 17 in the first while playing great defense as well.

For Laurel it wasn't the same story as they were missing free throws and none of their shots were really falling, but they fortunately had Tristan Williams who was able to put up four of their six points in the quarter. The team wasn't able to stop the Chipps offense, as they lead at the end of the quarter 17-6.

Entering the second quarter Chippewa came out firing as Jundzilo was able to hit a three pointer right away, and her teammate Abigail Henegar was able to put up four points in the quarter. That helped the team put up 11 points in the second, but their defense wasn't nearly as strong as the first quarter.

The Lady Gators needed to get on track, and it looked like it was happening as their defense looked better as well as their offense. Saniyah Hall was able to to score nine points of her own in the quarter as the team was able to score 14 and close the score gap making the game 28-20 at the half.

Coming out of the half the Lady Gators looked about the same as they did in the first quarter as they were only able to put up 11 points, four of which came from Mari Bickley. They didn't have an answer for the Chippewa offense.

The Lady Chipps looked great on both offense and defense this quarter as they were able to put up 13 points. Henegar was able to put up six of her own and the team was able to go into the final quarter with a 41-31 lead.

Laurel looked like a brand new team in the fourth as Hall was able to score six points within the first minute of the quarter. They had all the momentum in the world as they tied the game 41-41.

The Lady Chipps defense did not look like it did the first three quarters as the Lady Gators were scoring at will. They were also plagued by turnovers but they were still able to keep the score tied 48-48 with one minute left in the game.

With a crucial pair of free throws, Jundzilo was able to give her team the lead. After forcing a turnover, Kendal Shirala was able to knock down a layup giving their team the lead with 30 seconds left in the game. This was enough to cause Laurel to start fouling and after Jundzilo hit two more free throws with nine seconds left, that was enough for the Lady Chipps to win the Division 3 Regional Championship 54-50 and punch a ticket to the State semi-finals.


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