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The Shoe Receives a Facelift

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

Ohio Stadium goes by many names: “The Horseshoe”, “The Shoe”, “The House that Harley Built”, and the place where Wolverines come to die. But as the stadium celebrates its 100th year of action in the heart of the Buckeye state, it will also celebrate a brand new turf and turf design. This will mark the third time the field has been changed since the start of the century.

Ohio State rolled with all natural grass during much of the Earl Bruce and Jim Tressel era’s. The University then made the change back to turf for the first time since the 1989 season in 2007 in which Ohio State added the bright red end zones. This field was then resurfaced in 2014, but the same design remained until now. The old red end zones remain, but now the old shoe has a fresh shine to it, as the new turf has finally been completed in Columbus.

Photo: Ohio State Athletics

Ohio Stadium will now feature gray sidelines instead of white, and the world famous helmet striping now lines the end zones under the uprights. The end zone lettering will now use the same font the Buckeyes use on their jerseys and apparel.

While a new turf doesn’t change much, it does help usher in a new era for Ohio State, one that has been growing legs over the last few years, but now must learn to stand on its own, and that’s the Ryan Day era. This field will be marked by his legacy. This is the new face of the Big Ten. Ohio Stadium with the new turf will play host to eight home games this season with at least two night games, including a home opener against the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame and will yet again finish the season with a noon game in late November against That Team Up North. Let’s hope the new turf will see as much success as the last.

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