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Thinking about Mayfield after watching the Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl brings reality to light that the Cleveland Browns are in trouble if Baker Mayfield doesn’t improve his play. Will the Browns move on from Mayfield or give him one more season? I think we’re going to know pretty quickly which direction the Browns are going to go.

If you’re a Browns fan like myself, how can you be confident in our QB situation when you see Joe Burrow in his first full year (2nd overall) in the Super Bowl like he was last night hanging in there cool, calm and collected against a loaded Rams defense. Patrick Mahomes is arguably the best QB in the league, Josh Allen reminds me of a young, better version of Big Ben. Justin Herbert is on an elite level when it comes to these young QB's as well. The new generation of the NFL QB's is in good hands! Will Baker Mayfield end up in that conversation? Right now he’s not due to injuries and stubbornness when it comes to wanting to be coached. It’s okay to put in hours with a QB Coach as the GOAT Tom Brady had one his whole career!

Coming out of college I was a huge Baker fan because of his accuracy and “no bs” attitude He has seemed have lost his accuracy, his mechanics are bad and his processing of the field has been some of the worst outside of his rookie year and post OBJ tearing his ACL in 2020. Can we really sit here and hope Baker improves when there is not much evidence that he will? We have a great young core that are going to be here awhile but we can’t continue to waste years of young careers and veterans coming here and coming up short! Andrew Berry has to look at the QB landscape, long and hard, and really think about what he wants to do because Cleveland deserves a winning team that’s serious about winning and not just “hoping” this will be the year. We’ve dealt with "wait till next year" long enough!

Does he draft a QB like Malik Willis at #13? Does he try to trade for a veteran like Kirk Cousins? Or does he bring in a younger quarterback like Gardner Minshew or Mitchell Trubisky to push Mayfield next season? We will find out soon enough now that the Super Bowl has passed and free agency and the draft are right around the corner!

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