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University gets big win over rival Gilmour 28-20

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

Hunting Valley, OH- Hunting Valley Scovil FIeld was the site for the Gilmour Academy Lancers and University School Preppers. It was a Week 6 matchup for Gilmour who came in at 5-0 and University who came in at 4-1.

University kicked off to start the game but it did not feel like it because Gilmour fumbled right away and the Preppers offense took over.

Running back Ryan Pattison took control of the offense early on by picking up a first down while facing a third and eight. Pattison took a little breather and George Minello would get a chance for some carries.

Minello would capitalize on his chance with a 9 yard touchdown run to quickly give University the 7-0 lead.

Gilmour would then start their drive on offense at their own 35. They would go to running back Andy Kavcic early on but it did not go far.

The Lancers would then get going in the passing game in a big way by quarterback Jake Kavcic drops a 38 yard bomb to Tommy McCrone which would set up Gilmour right outside the red zone.

A couple plays later, the offensive line would then let the University defensive line get through and take down Kavcic for the sack forcing a 3rd and 10.

Amil Shomo would save the drive for the Lancers with a 10 yard run to pick up the 1st down. A few plays later, they were finally able to punch it into the end zone with a 1 yard keeper by Jake Kavcic. They would still trail 6-7 though thanks to the extra point being blocked.

With 5:41 remaining in the quarter, University would look to get their pass game going this drive with quarterback Jackson Boland. He would get going connecting with wide receiver Brian Kellon before picking up a first down with a nine yard run himself.

Boland would get a few more short passes to connect as the first quarter came to an end with University still leading 7-6.

The University drive quickly came to an end at the beginning of the second quarter when Boland got sacked and they would be forced to turn it over on downs.

Down one, Gilmour looked to get a big drive going but that would not be the case. The Lancers had to punt away after Kavicic was sacked by Tristan Jackson.

The next University drive was one of their most successful drives of the day having big play after big play going on.

Pattison would have a big 21 yard run early on in the drive, followed by more runs resulting in 12 and 33 yards as well. Pattison’s hard work paid off with a one yard run into the end zone to give University the 14-6 lead.

The next Gilmour drive would be very short as Andy Kavic fumbled on the second play and University quickly recovered.

It took all but two plays for University themselves to get in the end zone with a 2 yard run by Pattison for his second touchdown of the day.

Leading 21-6, the University defense comes alive and forces Gilmour to punt right. That would allow the Preppers to go into the half with a comfortable two score lead.

Electing to receive for the second half, University starts off with the ball. It was a slow start for the offense but Boland got it going with a 17 yard pass to Kellon.

But after the big gain the drive slowly comes to an end a few plays later with an injury and turnover on downs.

Gilmour would then get the ball back and executed a quick score. Jake Kavcic connected with his running back Andy Kavicic for a huge 77 yard pass that would result in a touchdown and the Lancers would trail just 21-13.

The next University drive would be one of the most dominant ones they had all day long. The offensive line all did their job and the run game was able to take off.

The Preppers would just run it right at Gilmour and end it with a four yard touchdown run by Pattison for his third touchdown.

After a 25 yard pass to start off the next drive for Gilmour, the third quarter would come to an end after two straight runs and the Lancers trailing 28-13.

The fourth quarter would be all about finishing off the game for University and putting together a full 60 minutes of good football.

The quarter would start with Jake Kavcic getting sacked for a three yard loss and which was a great start for the University defense.

But the Lancers would be able to get going with a few short plays and would end the drive with a 3 yard touchdown run by Andy Kavcic to cut the deficit to 20-28.

Now a one score game, the Preppers would once again just run the clock all the way down on Gilmour. It was Boland and Pattison running the show for University but the Lancers would get one last opportunity.

Gilmour got the ball back with 2:02 left to play but they would struggle to get anything going and Jake Kavcic would throw an interception to Pattison who was dominant on both sides of the ball all day long.

University would be able to take a knee and win in fashion over Gilmour 28-20 improving to 5-1 on the season.

The dominant Preppers win was led by the run game totaling 276 yards. Pattison finished with 183 of those yards and got 3 touchdowns along the way, while Boland added to the total with 65 rushing yards and passed for 30 yards.

Look for University to try to keep their winning ways going next week on the road at Mogadore.

University running back Ryan Pattison talked about the game after the big win.

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