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Waterloo Vikings girls basketball team best Western Reserve Blue Devils in a 43-37 victory

Atwater, OH - Waterloo hosted Wester Reserve on Monday night with both teams looking to come out on top and keep their season hopes high.

A bit of a rough start for both teams offensively, but Kaira English for the Vikings was able to put up 5 points to help her team get an early lead.

Western Reserve was only able to put up 5 points this quarter but kept the game close as Waterloo lead 7-5 after one.

Going into the 2nd quarter, both teams tried to get their offenses rolling, but Waterloo seemed to be having the same struggles as they did in the first putting up 7 points until the final minute.

The Blue Devils had the lead 16-14, but Bayley English for the Vikings was able to put up 6 unanswered points and a steal in the final minute rallying her team into the lead 20-16 at the half.

Coming back from the half both teams got their offenses was rolling.

In the 3rd quarter Wester Reserve took the lead with a corner 3 from Quincy Miller, and the team was able to double their first half points.

Although the Blue Devil's offense was now exploding, Waterloo didn't waste any time to retaliating as they put up 10 points and took their lead back on a 3 pointer by Bayley English making the score 30-28.

In a game as tightly contested as this, you never know who's gonna come out on top, but there can only be one winner, and both the Vikings and Blue Devils were giving a premium effort.

Western Reserve was showing how badly they wanted to win in the third, but unfortunately for them they weren't able to put up many points they wanted as they were held to 9.

In the final frame the Vikings' defense was able to hold keeping Western Reserves down to less than 10 points and their offense was on point as they were able to put up 13 in the fourth. Senior guard Rose Couts had 8 points and went 4/4 from the free throw line to help close out the 43-37 Vikings victory.

Player of the game for tonight was definitely Kaira English for Waterloo who was able to put up a great 12 points helping her team to victory in a tightly contested battle.

This game recap is brought to you by Daystar Ford


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