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What is next for Baker Mayfield?

What’s next for the Baker and the Browns? Is this repairable? I say no even though we missed out on Deshaun Watson after going ALL IN!

Multiple reports have said Baker is plan B after losing out on Watson but I don’t see him acting like none of this happened and running it back. It’ll be awkward for everyone involved. If the front office doesn’t believe in Baker long term why should the players? Some will, some won’t that’s usually how it goes in times like these, splitting the locker room AGAIN! First time was when OBJ was released.

Baker released a letter saying “I have no clue what the future holds”. Here is the full letter posted on his Twitter account.

It came out Thursday afternoon that Baker Mayfield had asked the Browns for a trade. It was then quickly reported that the Browns denied his trade request. If Browns eventually do grant his request the Colts are reported to be Baker’s preferred next destination so that tells you what he’s thinking right there. There was also a report that came out stating the Seahawks have internally discussed making a trade offer for Mayfield.

I believe in Andrew Berry. I just hope he has a Plan B and Plan C if worst comes to worst because the Watson all in shot and miss could BACK FIRE BADLY and QUICKLY! It’s been a mess but what else is new in Cleveland when it comes to the Browns? All we can do is wait and see.

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