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WWE is Changed Forever With Vince McMahon Retirement

Updated: Sep 28, 2022

July 22nd, 2022 will go down as one of the most shocking and biggest days in the history of WWE: The day Vince McMahon retired.

The 77-year-old, who's been at the center of controversy the last month over numerous allegations of sexual misconduct, sent out a tweet around 4 p.m. Friday thanking the WWE Universe for their support over the years.

With the allegations ongoing, McMahon has acted strangely on WWE television over the last month, making random appearances in the middle of shows for no apparent reason and saying almost nothing. Could it have been his way of saying goodbye?

Whatever happens to McMahon over the next few weeks and months may affect his overall legacy, but there's no denying the son of Vincent J. McMahon is the reason WWE is the global brand it is today. McMahon is responsibility for creating WrestleMania, risking it all in the mid 1980's to put on the extravangaza that is known as the "Super Bowl of professional wrestling" today. He gave us generational characters and icons, including Hulk Hogan, Undertaker, Bret Hart, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, "The Rock", John Cena and so many other wrestlers and moments that entertained generations of fans. His Mr. McMahon character arguably is the greatest and most impactful heel in the history of the business.

I started watching WWE in May of 2007. I've wrote many times about the first night I ever watched wrestling, and why I fell in love with WWE. I've wrote how the PC and Thunderdome era's brought back my love for WWE (even though I've always liked it and never stopped watching) because they were there for me and millions of people when we needed a distraction from the world during the dark times of early 2020. For as long as I can remember, WWE and it's talent has been there for me, and I thank McMahon for that.

He has never been afraid to take risks, and that's why the WWE is where it's at today. Many wrestling fans think McMahon is out of touch, and he should have retired years ago. I'm not one of those people, and I'm still shocked by the news.

We have begun a new era in WWE. An era led by McMahon's daughter Stephanie, Stephanie's husband and fellow superstar Triple H and businessman Nick Khan. Steph grew up in the business. Hunter breathes the business. Khan is a smart investor. I'm not worried about that part.

I've always wondered how WWE would work without Vince in charge, and I'm about to find out. I'm not going to pretend like I know the product is going to improve. It may, but it could also worsen. 

The fact is Vince McMahon is now retired. Regardless of his current allegations, he should be thanked for all he's done throughout his almost entire adult life to bring the sport of professional wrestling/sports entertainment to the global empire it is today. Yes, there's been other alternatives. I was not born during the Ted Turner WCW "Monday Night Wars", but WCW had its run, and now there's numerous companies such as AEW, IMPACT, NJPW and ROH fans can enjoy, but I would argue there wouldn't be these alternative companies if it wasn't for McMahon's vision in the mid 80's.

The last WrestleMania WWE put on with Mr. McMahon as CEO was indeed the most STUPENDOUS WrestleMania in history, and I loved almost every second of that two-day showcase. For all he's done in the wrestling business over the last four decades, Mr. McMahon will be missed.

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