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Endless Love

No two words could fit the 2021 Cleveland Browns any better than this. Last night’s performance against an inferior Las Vegas Raiders team was another in the long line of heartbreak and for some, anger, in the never ending saga of being called a Cleveland Browns fan.

We all had that same feeling at around 8 pm last night, we all knew Steven Carlson would not miss that kick, we just knew it. It’s in the cards, it seems like it always is. Euphoria turns into madness. Victory turns into defeat. We have been there way too many times.

But there is an aura in this town. There is something in the air here. Something that always brings us back Sunday after Sunday. We critique, incessantly, all week long, banter about who should do this and that and whom can do it better. We always have something to say, most of us not even knowing what we’re saying. Yet we come back. Every week. Every year.

There is a special bond here between the Browns and their fanbase. Unlike any other, anywhere, which will never go away...Ever. In 1995 this city was stripped to It’s core when the team was moved, and we got it back, because of the fans. Before that we had The Drive, The Fumble, Red Right 88, still we came back, week after week year after year. It’s in our blood here.

When the team came back in 1999 we embraced their return. We knew what was in store. When your first player signed was a guy named Jim Pyne, we knew. But we didn’t care. We had our Browns back. Then came bottlegate, awful bad teams and coaching staffs but through it all, sellouts. It’s what we do here.

Now we fast forward. A team who entering this season were the darlings once again. The whole league anxiously waiting to see what this edition of the Browns were all about. High expectations. It hasn’t been nearly what we expected. Not even close.

But through it all, we stay true to our team.. through thick and thin, as we should because they are ours. It truly is Cleveland against the World. It always has been. This season is slipping away, some say it already has, but one thing that will not leave is the passion we have for this team. Win or lose. It’s in us. It always will be…. Endless Love

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