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Jacoby Brissett Keeping Browns Season Afloat

Photo: Ben Axelrod / WKYC

The Cleveland Browns could be 3-0. They could also be 0-3. In reality, the Jacoby Brissett lead Browns are 2-1 and on top of the AFC North.

Yes, it’s only Week 3, but we can only judge Brissett on the games being played, and he’s shown to this point he can keep the ball rolling steadily till Deshaun Watson returns following his 11 game suspension. The gauntlet of the schedule is coming up after the Browns Week 4 matchup vs the Atlanta Falcons, but No. 7 can keep Cleveland in every game, and I believe Browns fans can say that with confidence.

Brissett is a true professional under center, making big plays with his arm and scrambling to extend plays when needed. His play has won over the locker room because they know they’re in every game, and their efforts won’t be wasted on both sides of the ball.

All Cleveland is asking for is for No. 7 to keep the team in playoff contention, so the Browns have a shot at playing in mid-January when Watson returns Week 13 vs the Houston Texans, and Brissett is well on his way to doing his part to make that possible.

It’s early, and a lot of games are left to be played, but he’s putting up career numbers in completion rate, touchdown percentage, passing yards per game, and passing rate. Brissett currently ranks 10th in total QBR. That’s more than the Browns asked for, and they couldn’t be happier. He is showing why General Manager Andrew Barry and head coach Kevin Stefanski backed him as their QB1 for 11 games instead of trying to acquire another QB, such as Jimmy Garoppolo.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Brissett continues to captain the ship this well throughout the season and eventually earns a nice contract to be a full-time starter.

Until No. 4 returns, Cleveland gets to ride with No. 7 for eight more games.

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