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Madison Blue Streaks Compete in 7-on-7 at Chardon

Alan Kornspan

Believeland Media

(Alan Kornspan/Believeland Media)

The Madison Blue Streaks are coming off an excellent 2023 season which saw them go 8-3 and make the OHSAA playoffs for the first time since 2015. 

The Blue Streaks have carried that momentum to this summer as Madison Head Football Coach Mike Gilligan said that the team has played very well in their 7-on-7's.

On Wednesday night at Chardon's Memorial Field, the Blue Streaks played in their third 7-on-7 of the summer.

(Alan Kornspan/Believeland Media)

Playing three, 7-on-7 games against the Chardon Hilltoppers, Kirtland Hornets, and West Geauga Wolverines, the Blue Streaks tested their skills and worked on perfecting their offensive and defensive strategies and techniques.

Afterward, Coach Gilligan talked about how the team is progressing this summer.

“The summer is going pretty good,” said Coach Gilligan.
“This was our third one (7-on-7), we're doing pretty well despite not even having a practice yet. This is a good way to get the kids out there to compete in Fall related kinds of activities.”

(Alan Kornspan/Believeland Media)

In helping the players begin to get ready for the season, Coach Gilligan discussed what the Blue Streaks were focused on in the 7-on-7 at Chardon High School on Wednesday night.

Defensively, Coach Gilligan stressed that the coaching staff was focused on getting their players offensive and defensive repetitions and improvement.

Gilligan emphasized that the defensive repetitions were very important since the Blue Streaks have a new defensive coordinator and will be running a new defensive scheme.

In addition to the focus on defense on Wednesday night, junior quarterback Will Randall said that he had the opportunity to call plays on offense and that his receivers ran great routes.

Senior wide receiver Ryan Radkowski added that he was happy with how the team is continuing to improve.

“Saw a lot of improvement from last year,” said Radkowski.
“We were at this same 7-on-7 going against Chardon and Kirtland (last year).
“The improvement we've made against these teams (this summer), it’s great to see.”

In addition to focusing on improvement on offense and defense, Randall noted the great cohesion that has been developed among the Blue Streak players.

Randall emphasized that the team roots and cheers for each other irregardless of the results.  This was particularly evident during the Lineman Challenge at the end of the 7-on-7. All of the Blue Streak players showed great enthusiasm and excitement for their teammates' efforts.

For the remainder of the month, the Blue Streaks have a 7-on-7 against Harvey and will continue to lift weights as a team.

The Blue Streaks will then begin mini-camps in July.



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