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Much to look forward to with the CAVS future

Despite the disappointing end losing to the Atlanta Hawks in the play-in tournament Cleveland can hold their heads up high and smile proudly as the future is bright in the CLE and we’re witnessing it sooner then expected!

The Cavs players will go there separate ways but I’m sure it won’t be long before they regroup again and continue to grow the chemistry off the court that was one of their strengths this season. Kevin Love said they will get together in Nashville, TN. Karaoke might be involved so will some players audition for American Idol? Lol. I know bad joke but other activities will take place I’m sure to create even more unity which the Cavs need and seem to love!

Despite the hot start being derailed, Love sees everything in a positive light as we should as fans as well because we've seen the improvements from game 1 to 82 and then some with the play-in games. All was not lost as they will retain their lottery pick that was sent to Indiana for Caris Levert. The pick had lottery protection which is why it will be returned to Cleveland and turn into a 2023 lottery protected 1st round pick. I'm sure Koby Altman will look at using the pick in a trade as well as on a draft prospect who could help the team in 2022/23 and beyond. They have built a solid core that they will continue to add veteran players around them to help them become legit contenders as soon as next season. That and the continued development of young players like Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, Isaac Okoro, Jarrett Allen and Colin Sexton should he choose to re-sign in Cleveland gives fans lots of hope for the future.

Cleveland it was hell of a year and I can’t wait till next year!



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